Colour Variation

Amazonia & Tropic Tile Collection

Tropical style porcelain tile

Palm power, jungle fever & natural tile beauty -  all in one collection - Amazonia & Tropic. This collection was inspired by the latest trends, in which return to the origins, to immersion in more primal nature, almost untouched by humans, is seen in a universe of leaves, of wild greens, earthy tones that aim to reflect a tribute to manual labour in the making of the pieces. Each and every detail of Amazonia reflect the fresh and joyful personality that invites to a "natural-sensory" way of life, as a new luxury in the twenty-first century. The Tropic decoration embodies the most exotic spirit of the collection with its wild vegetation. Behind each piece lies a story, a handcrafted hallmark, evoking the past, a time of absolute experimentation with shapes, textures, and figures. The continuity and harmony on the colour palette invites for artistic mix & match that leaves aside the conventional and opt for an eclectic mix, with creative final results, without defined rules.

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