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Kiesel OKATMOS® UG 30 Primer 10 kg


Product Description

Kiesel OKATMOS UG 30 10 kg Universal Primer and Bonding Agent

Solvent-free, acrylic based primer with aggregates providing excellent bonding characteristics. Okatmos® UG 30 will bond and adhere to absorbent and non-absorbent substrates before interior levelling work or tile and natural stone installations. Okatmos® UG 30 can also be applied over properly prepared cut-back adhesive, old or badly sanded asphalt floors, terrazzo, tile, particle board, chipboard, OSB, cement backer units, and concrete screeds and well bonded ceramic tiles. Application of primer eliminates odour, microbiological interactions, prevents mould, and promotes proper bonding. When used over existing exterior tiles a waterproofing membrane Servoflex DMS 1K Plus SuperTec is required. Metal and similar substrates must be rust-free and cleaned with Acetone. Odourless and environmentally friendly. As part of the Okatmos®-product-line, Okatmos® UG 30 avoids the development of odours and stenches originating in microbial interactions in the floor-structure. It is therefore very suitable for renovation purposes.

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