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Rectified Porcelain Foor and Wall Tile

CONTEMPORARY RESIN LOOK: The exciting, new Seamless series offers the contemporary look of a resin finish with a graceful movement and a slight sheen. These rectified, colour body porcelain tiles are available in four sizes: 32” x 32”; 24” x 24”; 12” x 24” and 8” x 8 ” distinctive decors that also can used as a field tile to create a spectacular look. Also available are 3” x 3” hexagon; 1” x 1” mosaics. The Seamless series is available in three warm tone shades (WR) and three cool tone shades (CL). The design; shades and sizes of the Seamless series combined with the mosaics and decors will definitely make a statement in any designer application where a contemporary surface is desired.

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Available Colours (click on each thumbnail for room scene)

Tile Sizes & Formats (in inches)

Tile Sizes

12 x 24 rectangle

Tile Sizes

24 x 24 square

Tile Sizes

1 x 1 mosaic 12 x 12

Tile Sizes

8 x 8 square

Tile Sizes

3 x 3 muse hex mosaic

Tile Sizes

32 x 32 square

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