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Retro 2

Extruded porcelain floor & wall tile

PARALLELOGRAMS & HEXAGONS: The exciting new Retro series from Natucer features extruded porcelain tiles with a distressed wood look in two interesting formats: A 7" x 17" parallelogram and a 16" x 14" hexagon. The parallelogram shape can be installed using the mix of 3-colours to create a 3-D effect. Fans of the 80s video game "Q-Bert" will love this! The parallelogram can also be installed with the hexagon to create a truly unique look.

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Available Colours (click on each thumbnail for room scene)

Tile Sizes & Formats (in inches)

Tile Sizes

16 x 14 hexagon

Tile Sizes

7 x 17 parallelogram

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