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Popular design choices currently trending in tile décor are listed below.

The Joy of Hex

The hexagon tile is back and it's more exciting than ever! Many of the new tiles incorporate exciting and daring colours, textures and designs! The design possibilities are truly endless with the products offered by Natucer of Spain. Please see the images below and/or click on the PDF links to further explore the exciting world of hexagon tiles. We can't possibly stock everything that is now available but we do offer several of the more "traditional" hexagon tiles - some of these are shown below. A selection of the other designs shown below can be special ordered with a 6-8 week delivery.

Hexagonal Tiles (In Stock)

Possibilities in Hexagonal Tiles (Inspiration)

Downloadable Product Brochures for Hexagonal Tiles (Inspiration)

Tile Design Trends - Hexagon Tiles Tile Design Trends - Hexagon Tiles Tile Design Trends - Hexagon Tiles

Opposites Attract

An emerging European trend for ultra-modern homes is the unlikely pairing of a contemporary décor with an old world-look floor. There are many options: from the Victorian encaustic-look tiles of the Icon Special series to the European parquet look of the Classica collection; from the classic, honed French Limestone look of the Dordogne series to the geometric patterns of the House of Vanity line, it's the best of both worlds!

The Fusion Concept

Fusion tile designs are increasing in popularity. These designs can incorporate concrete with hints of marble veining and/or wood. The combination of these different materials creates a unique and striking appearance.

The Concrete Look

Serene and modern with the nuances of concrete.


An exciting new look and format and... not just for floors. Versatile! Plank format tiles range from 2"x24" to 8"x48".

Stacked Patterns

Install rectangular tiles in a stacked bond pattern for a clean and modern impression.

Large Format Tiles

The use of large format tiles such as 24"x24", 16"x32", 18"x36". For example, the 16"x32" format size appears to be the new 12"x24". Some designers are now starting to use larger format tiles such as 8"x20" for backsplashes .

Remember, these new design trends may not be for everyone. Not to worry, at Tilemaster, we always offer a wide selection of tiles from the 'tried & true' colours and size formats to the slightly more adventurous and even the avant garde. We've got tiles for everyone!

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